Communication Protocols

ACS is committed to honest, transparent, and consistent communication with our community. We understand the value of maintaining two-way communication with our community members and believe it is essential for building productive partnerships that will serve the best interest of our students. 

Providing consistent, clear, and results-driven communications is key to building trust and loyalty to the school. The communications protocol and structure are aligned with our goals and are designed to be both proactive and interactive, with an aim to be reviewed annually for effectiveness and relevance. 

Planning for, and requiring shared responsibility will ensure that the entire organization is dedicated to delivering a timely, unified message to the relevant audiences.

Social Media Guidelines

ACS encourages the use of social media for the purpose of learning, engaging, connecting, collaborating and teaching. With the evolving nature of social media, it is important that the school community is given guidelines based on the key principles underlying the use of social media, which will allow us to jointly protect children in all aspects of our work, and also to uphold ACS’s reputation, and that of staff members, students and parents.

The items mentioned should be applied to all social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok,  personal and professional blogs, Whatsapp and other instant messaging tools.

Parents should facilitate this process by working with their children at age-appropriate times delineated by each social media platform.

Responsible Behaviors


Parent-Initiated WhatsApp Group Guidelines

The purpose of Parent-Initiated WhatsApp groups is to foster a positive relationship between parents by allowing parents to keep each other up-to-date with information about school or class activities and community events, with the understanding that ACS does not monitor these groups, nor use this as an official communication channel. The following guidelines are recommended for all Parent-Initiated WhatsApp groups*. Any concerns regarding these guidelines should be shared with the divisional offices. 

The information shared through these groups is entirely parent-generated and is not monitored by the school for accuracy, nor is the school responsible for the content.

Emergency Communication Procedures

Click here to view the Parent Guide to Emergency Procedures.

Communication Protocols

Should parents have concerns or feedback to communicate to the school, please follow the process in the flowchart. 

This ensures a transparent process where concerns are escalated gradually with the intent to resolve issues as quickly as possible.