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Bus Hotline

+962 7 9 512 1122


Ms. Manal Haddad, Bus Liaison Coordinator

All ACS bus drivers passed the
Smith Safe Driving Course!

The safety of students on the buses is our highest priority. Riding the ACS buses is a privilege and not a right of enrollment. Children riding the bus are expected to abide by the bus rules (see below). The administration may temporarily or permanently deny bus-riding privileges as warranted by the circumstances set out below. ACS expects students to display their best behavior, take care of the buses, and respect others. Should a student be permanently removed from the bus there will be no refund of fees.

Students who want to board a bus that is not their own must have a note from their parents and the parent of the child whose bus they are boarding. This includes middle school and high school students.

Please help us by reminding students of bus expectations. 

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Change of Address

If you would like to request a change in bus service, you must complete a form in your PowerSchool account and have it approved. No changes will occur until approval has been communicated to you. Approval will be based on availability and distance from school. If the change is approved, ACS will contact parents to make necessary arrangements.

Rules for Riding the Bus

These rules, along with the bus hotline number are posted on each bus.

Should students not abide by these rules, the relevant elementary, middle, or high school division will apply the following  consequences:

Incident #1 Meeting with divisional administration and parent notification.

Incident #2 Indefinite Bus Suspension

Incident #3 Loss of bus riding privileges for the remainder of the year. Bus fees will NOT be reimbursed.

This is a general guide and depending on the severity of the incident, these may be adjusted at the discretion of the divisional principal. 

If parents become aware of a problem on the bus, they should contact the relevant division Principal as soon as the problem becomes evident so that the problem can be addressed appropriately.

Safety & Security of Buses

Each bus driver has a folder with the following information in it:

After School Activities Bus

Students riding the activities buses must write their names on a list when boarding their buses.

Following are departure times for the After School Activities Buses:

There are no buses provided for those staying after school until 6:00 pm.

Bus Service Guide

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